Great Big Server Move!

Started by Ampera, May 23, 2021, 09:35:33 AM

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As of writing this, I have (mostly) finished moving these here forums onto a new server I recently acquired.

For the longest time, this, and pretty much everything else I did was running on an old single socket HP workstation board with a 6 core Westmere-EP Xeon (X5650). It was alright for the little I did with it, but I always felt cramped by the single system, since a reboot for some other project would mean taking /everything/ from IRC to game servers, to the website and db server down.

So, I ended up seeing an HP Proliant DL580 G7 for a good price, and bought it. Oh boy was that an experience. I may do a more in-depth forum post on it later, but I'll at least leave a picture here:

This was a crazy project, which includes 10GbE fiber, cutting and terminating my own CAT6, and even getting 240V outlets wired up. No fires, thankfully, and a lot of fun and I've learned a great deal. The site may go down a few more times while I test things, but should be fairly stable soon enough.