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on: March 23, 2019, 12:09:56 pm
I've fixed a few things!

Since the updates were a bit fuzzy, and not everything was logged, I'll just place everything I fixed/changed since the update of the server:

-- CS:S content is now properly mounted, world geometry is as stable as it should be.
-- The D now has the grappling hook, and both hooks no longer have ammunition.
-- The expanded CS:S weapons are now fully functional. They aren't on the workshop DL anymore, but instead are provided via FastDL.
-- The Jihad bomb is now in the game, after previously not being present
-- Round time is now shorter, there is a higher max karma, D's have more credits at start, and the round limit is 20, now making maps last 75 minutes unless rounds start going really fast, if this is unwanted I can remove this.

==== What hasn't been done ====

I'm still waiting to put in more custom player models. Suggestions are welcome below or in the appropriate forums.
There are some maps with more than one version, should I remove all the oldest ones or keep them for minor variety?
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